3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Supported Independent Living Services

Posted on: 7 January 2022

Individuals living with disabilities might find it challenging to receive the much-needed support while ensuring they retain their autonomy and capability to make critical life decisions. Supported independent living gives such individuals the chance to receive support services in an emancipating background without sacrificing personal freedom. If you have a disability, here are some reasons why you should consider supported independent living (SIL) services:

You Receive Daily Support While Developing Newer Skills

SIL or supported independent living services will always be available anytime you require them. It encourages your independence by offering help-based services. However, the kind of assistance you can access depends on the parameters you initially defined in your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) agreement. Whether living alone or staying with family members, lifestyle assistants are always present to offer the required assistance.

For example, they can facilitate house chores, transportation, and personal care. While at it, they also encourage you towards developing newer social, financial or physical skills. A good thing about supported independent living is that the services are offered at the comfort of your home, in a manner that positively impacts your lifestyle, needs and ambitions.

It Combines Freedom with Security

Your well-being is undoubtedly a top priority in any supported independent living program. Reputable SIL service providers strive to maintain safe and functional environments tailored towards your hobbies and interests. They will also encourage you to make healthy lifestyle decisions and empower you to chase after your goals to attain independence.

SIL service providers value your individuality and refrain from entertaining generalised approaches. Additionally, they have well-designed safety protocols they keep track of regularly. Ideally, SIL service providers are intensively trained to know what's required to uphold safety standards when dealing with potential issues.

It Offers Access to Greater Opportunities

When evaluating what is essential to you, consider alternatives to make life more comfortable and gratifying. Moving into personal space comes with newer choices and more splendid opportunities. SIL providers can suggest relocating nearer to your workplace, where you attend daily programs, or can actively participate in social activities.

Generally, supported independent living service providers might recommend setups where you can receive better assistance, acquire newer fortes and attain an independent lifestyle. That, in turn, will provide you with greater access to numerous life-changing opportunities and self-development.


These are the three critical ways supported independent living services can help individuals with disabilities. Consider choosing licensed and certified SIL providers who can quickly help you reach your goals in an empowering environment.


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